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If I were a goddess...

Hello lovelies!

This time entry in English since my friend Mari gave me this If you were a goddess -challenge and the questions are in English.

First the rules:

"If I Were A God..." -challenge!
Rules are as follows:
1. Tag back to the person who tagged you.
2. Answer the questions.
3. Add a question if you come up with a good one.
4. Challenge five other bloggers

So, if I were a goddess I would be The Almighty Goddess of Nature and Animals. I would seem serene and nice, but also have some spice in my temper. I would not be called Mother Nature and if my worshipers make the mistake of calling me such I might lose my temper and horrible things would happen. I would be described as a beautiful lady wearing white lace dress with green and gold ornaments.

 I would give the nature it's beautiful colors during Spring, Summer and Autumn and in Winter I would wrap the world in beautiful white snow and sparkling starry skies. I would have one  huge golden colored  horse to symbolize the endless sunlight in Spring and Summer and I would also have a huge black horse to symbolize the dark Autumn and Winter nights. To create these wonderful colors I would ride my horses around the world and as I pass woods and meadows the colors would bloom. I would also have loyal guard dog, to sit next to me in my throne made of old oak and covered in pictures of animals such as birds and butterflies.

So, on to the questions. 

1. The global warming thingy will kill lots of stuff. You get to save one species and have to kill another. Which ones and why?

As  the Almighty Goddes of  Nature and Animals I would stop the global warming so none of the animals would not have to be killed. Though I would give the annoying little blood sucking incects a new source of nutrition such as pollen.

2. Ok, since you are playing god, make a prayer your worshipers would have to prey every evening. 

Oh you Lady of Nature 
Thank you for Your works in our world 
Let our harvest be plentiful and 
let us join Your heavenly garden 
when our time is full. 
And Oh Goddess, 
Let your prayers be carried to You 
through the celestial guard dog. 
Praised be Your name

3. Nice and poetic that one. Now, any sacraments you would want to have?

My sacraments are as follows 

Appreciation of all things living
Petting your beloved pets and taking care of wild animals 
Marriage (Why, Your Goddes has a Companion so why sould not you have?)

4. I like this theme. Three annual ceremonies that would be held to celebrate you?

My worshipers would have the "normal" holidays such as Christmas etc. but they would also have to celebrate the following ceremonies: 

 Feast of growth and new beginnings 
This would be held in First of May. My worshipers would have to drink tea made from fresh water from the many springs of our world. They would also have to decorate their homes with flowers and dance in my honor. My worshipers would also be required to throw the first green leafs of treest to rivers to ensure their good harvest. 

 Day of Harvest and Love
This ceremony would take place in 2nd of August since Me and my companion said eternal wows then and it's also time to celebrate the good harvest and thank me for it. This time of year would be perfect to get married, because I would be in a really good mood so their love would have a very special blessing.  Also my worshipers would have much food to offer to the guests. 

 Celebration of Winter
This ceremony would take place in 1st of December. My worshipers would have to light hundreds of candles to honor the starry night sky and my beautiful snowflakes. Should the candles be scented with vanilla or spices I would give out extra blessings. My worshipers would also have to make spiced wine or glögi as we call it and drink it with great earnest. Their houses would also have to have snowflake shaped decorations and they would have to admire my night sky during the evening and night. Should that be done properly I would send northern lights as a sign of my happiness


5. Just in case you become a god, what sacrifices we mortals should offer for you for a good weather and such benefits?

The good weather may not always be to my worshipers liking, but to keep the plants  and animals healthy rain and storms are sometimes needed. If my loyal worshipers should need a sunny day for some special reason they would have to offer me for example the first green leafs of Spring, high quality tea from the first flushes, oat to keep my darling horses satisfied. 

6. Since there are the five of you playing gods, check each others blogs and tell us what kind of gods you think the others would be like according to their blogs.

Mari would be as described in her blog. Quite fierce Goddess indeed. But I'm afraid we might not get along very well, I like peace and harmony not chaos.
Mimi would also be as described in her blog. I would appreciate her love for the night, but I didn't like the part of  drinking virgins blood.
Pilvi would be The Almighty Goddess of Music and The Protector and Inspiration of All Composers. We would get along nicely, since I do enjoy music.
Aiju would be The Goddess of Desserts and Candy. She would guarantee her worshipers muffins to always be big and moist, cakes to always be  gorgeous and never be in need of a chocolate bar or two, or three...

7. With which god of the other four would you most likely ally yourself with if needed?

I think Pilvi would be my choice. Together we would enjoy nice cuppa tea and listen music that would be composed to our honor. And pet my darling dog and horses.

8. Since there are five to choose from to worship, why would your supporters choose you?

Because I rule over the nature including things like storms and earthquakes. I also have the power to send out all kinds of plagues should I be displeased with something, so by keeping me satisfied and happy I guarantee peace and harmony in your world. I also make sure my worshipers have enough food for them and their animals.

9. Tempting! What rules should the followers of your cult follow?

1. Thou Shalt Not Worship any other Goddesses or Gods
2. Thou Shalt Not Call Me Mother Nature
3. Thou Shalt Not Kill Animals For Fun Or Otherwise Hurt Them
4. Thou Shalt Always Remember Out Celebrations and Read Your Prayers Regularly
5. Thou Shalt Use Natural Recources Wisely
6. Thou Shalt Not Forget The Sacraments

10. How would you end the World when the time comes? Your take on the apocalypse?

I would gather my loyal worshipers and all animals together and send them to safety. Then I would release all powers of nature. There would be huge tsunamis and terrible earthquakes and in the end the world would destroy itself because nobody is controlling the nature.

 11. Ok, the World is ending, what will you offer as the after life?

Oh, it is beautiful. A World were everybody lives in harmony with nature. There's no pain or anything awful. Everybody would have a pet their of choice and a house to their liking. In day there would always be sunny and in the night the skies would be full of sparkly stars. Everybody would also have nice clothes and they could spend their days in leisure. Nobody would have to work because food and such would appear from tiniest wish. The food would always be delicious and desserts would never do any harm for our bodies. Me and my Companion would watch over our worshipers with great delight.
I will challenge everyone who wants to take part on this. I won't add any questions, because it took me forever to answer these and can't really think any good ones now. But it was fun to write this. 
Which gets us to the question I'v been thinking a while now. Should I start writing this blog in English or just keep with the Finnish? What do you think? 

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  1. Sehän riippuu ihan siitä, mikä itselle tuntuu luontevimmalta, ja myös siitä, onko sulla paljon kansainvälisiä lukijoita/haluaisitko saada myös heitä? Itse vaihdoin blogissani enkkuun vasta, kun kv-lukijat oli kommenteissaan nimenomaan toivoneet käännöksiä blogitekstieni oheen. :)